The ASSE Stateline Chapter covers eleven counties in Northern Illinois and two counties in Southern Wisconsin. The Chapter received its charter on October 23, 1965. Over the years, the membership has ranged in size from 100-200 members depending on the economy of the area.

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If you would like to volunteer for a commitee or other interests, contact ASSE Stateline Chapter President Dave Anspaugh by email at david@nibca.net or by phone at (815) 742-8860.

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Contact ASSE Stateline Chapter President Dave Anspaugh for membership information and application forms. He can be reached by email at david@nibca.net or by phone at (815) 742-8860.

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Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the future of safety and how we will lead our companies and protect our employees with the new Generations coming into the workforce.  Our Stateline Chapter and fellow Safety Professionals are getting older.  Safety Professionals can no longer just engineer safety; we have to become Leaders and a part of top management.  We cannot keep doing things the same way, expecting different results.  The workforce has changed, and how we lead them has to change as well.

The fact is, for an industry with an average age of 60, the chances of reversing the aging trend at this point borders on the impossible. The industry leaders of the past didn’t need a presentation on the future – they needed a presentation on how to survive the next year!

What I can’t help wondering is, what has this industry been doing for the last 10 years? How did it get to this point? Didn’t they ever stop to ponder the concept of change or to consider that they desperately needed to build a bench of young talent?

Just think about the rapid change in the global economy, global politics and consumer technology in the past five years. Five years ago, most major economic trend lines were up and to the right. There were more entrenched autocrats in power in the Middle East. The iPad hadn’t been invented yet. A Harvard dropout named Mark Zuckerberg had just started Facebook, and tweeting was emerging as something other than what birds do.

If change continues at its current rate, let alone accelerates, it’s going to completely redefine the concept of work and leadership. Industries and companies that have struggled to make changes and adapt, will face inevitable failure. We can’t get stuck in the past. Change is the only certainty.

Here are a few changes to anticipate — now:

Fast-paced change in our society has affected all industries and will continue to change the nature of work and safety for the next 10 to 15 years. Chances are, if you or your organizations aren’t thinking about the future, it’s already too late.

David Anspaugh
President for the Stateline Chapter